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area where breast cancer rates are higher than the state average. researcher was california breast cancer mapping project identified other bay area counties today. abc 7 news is here with the story on this. >> the state of california wanted a more detailed geographic view of the problem. the group public health institutes given a chant to identify the breast cancer clusters. what they found is creating a lot more questions about risk factors. >> researchers tried to figure out why marin county has high rates of breast cancer. >> alcohol is associated with an increased risk. clearly taking hormone replacement therapy. >> being white, having children late or not at all, are also rigs being factors and many women don't fall into the categories yet, three cities are now said to have different rates than the average. researchers also found parts of contra costa, napa, solano, santa clara and san mateo counties had 10% to 20% higher rates. project relied on data from california cancer registry, looking at cases from 2000, to 2008. she was involved in the project. barlow says it could lea
to southern california are now in custody.7 a criminal complaint accuse them of pran planning to leave the u.s. for training with the taliban. this is video. the men were intending to carry out a violent jihad. accused ring leader was taken into custody in afghanistan. >> a one day strike is ending this is a live look at the port as we speak. there are ships waiting to be unloaded. strike supposed to end at 9:00 tonight. the mayor's office says officials and representatives for custody stod yil workers agreed to get back to the bargaining table. terminals may be reopened as early as 7:00 tonight. again, they're expected to get back to the table immediately. last minute efforts to save hostess appear to have failed. "wall street journal" mean talks broke down, meaning the twinkies maker will continue for a full liquidation. 18,000 workers will, therefore, lose jobs. the company decided to shut down after talks failed. >> a rare death sentence handed down today in the bay area but a jury saying death is quote too good for a double murderer. nathan burress practically bragged about the killing
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2